Vesuviana Motors Warranty

Warranty Card 12 months, issued by the manufacturer and certified by Vesuviana Motors.

Used Return

Info and details

Prices of remanufactured products Vesuviana Motors, are calculated according to the supply of remanufactured components of the same type and version: Engines, Turbochargers and the Cylinder Heads.

DIY Regeneration

Original Core Assy for your regeneration.

The turbocharger is the most sensitive engine part, choose original parts.

Mounting Kits for Turbochargers

Gaskets for Turbochargers

The Vesuviana Motors offers a wide range of gaskets for turbochargers. All our seals are collected in a catalogue that you can apply at any time.They also carry new gaskets, by technicians available for any request.

Reconditioned Originals

Original Reconditioned Turbochargers.

The turbocharger is the most sensitive engine part, choose original parts.

Exchange Program

Regenerated Turbochargers with 12 months warranty.

We offer our customers a fast and economical solution with a wide range of quality remanufactured car turbines like new.

Turbochargers Exchange Program

Regenerated Turbochargers with 12 months warranty

Reconditioned Turbochargers. Recalibrated and balanced in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.


The exchange program offers our customers a fast solution, with the selection of a wide range of regenerated car turbines . The solution eliminates the annoying downtime, with a refurbished product quality like new, under warranty. With a regenerated turbine car, you save from 30% to 60%, without compromising reliability and performance, and contributes to a greener world. The turbocharger rotation, distributed by Vesuviana Motors, is rebuilt with original parts or higher quality, according to manufacturers’ specifications, in order to offer products with quality standards like new. Our turbochargers are balanced and tested with hot test at high pressure and high speed up to 250,000 rpm for minute, with test benches of the latest generation.

Services for our customers

Vesuviana Motors has a great warehouse constantly assorted by spare parts.

Auto Parts Distribution. A full range of products.

Ricambi Auto

The ever-changing market, and technological adjustments pushed the Vesuvian Motors to become the privileged partner of all companies in the automotive sector, who feel the need to talk to a qualified interlocutor.

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The turbocharger is the most sensitive engine part, choose original parts.

Regenerated Original Turbocharger. What benefits?


» Quality, reliability and efficiency.
» Safety on Technical Specifications, Emissions and Power consumption.
» Quality standards as new.
» Savings from 30% to 60%.

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Vesuviana Motors: professional market of tools for the automotive sector.

Ecommerce Section. Professional Tools for automotive market.


VVesuviana Motors provides products for workshops, body shops, garages, tire specialists and demanding hobbyists. You need technical advice or just want to know if the product is right for you?

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Guaranteed Engine is a service offered by Vesuviana Motors in addition to the legal standard warranty. The service covers the accidental faults and includes emergency road assistance 24 hours on 24.


What is Guaranteed Engine?

» Examination of the engine, in case of failure
» Manpower according to the times of the manufacturer
» Total Online Management request
» Manufacturer coupons
» Replacement car, if checked by rectifier
» Towing the vehicle to a radius of 75 Km
» Roadside assistance 24 hours 24
» Specialized Network of repair shops.

Engines Adjustments

Rettifica motori

Engines and cylinder heads adjustments. Civil and industrial vehicles, campers, caravans and boats. Reconditioned engines for cars and trucks.