Instructions for mounting the turbocharger


  • Identify the causes of failure of the turbo.
  • Remove all components of aspiration.
  • Remove the intercooler and clean internally.
  • Make sure that inside the aspiration circuit there are not metal residues and foreign bodies. They can cause the breaking of the  installed turbocharger.
  • Check vent motor.
  • Replace filters engine ventilation.
  • Clean the air filter box.
  • Changing the air filter.
  • Oil filter replacement.
  • Change engine oil.
  • Replacing the tube inlet oil (required);
  • If necessary, replace the screw on the oil inlet pipe, or any drilling of the internal filter. Make sure it is not clogged;
  • Verify pressure oil entered the turbocharger;
  • DO NOT USE GLUE (example: red paste) or other chemicals on any part;
  • Fill the hole inlet oil in the turbocharger with new oil and rotate the shaft by hand suction side a few times;
  • Run 4-5 times without letting it go;
  • Switch on and remain idle for a few minutes.

Failure to follow these instructions, may cause breakage of the turbocharger so void the warranty.